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Vol en montgolfière, pour personne en handicap
icone interdiction femme enceinte
icone interdiction enfant moins de 6ans

Safety  reasons we are unable to fly women who are pregnant .Children need to be at least 1.20m tall –  otherwise they can’t see over the side of tghe basket.

The adventure lasts about 3 hours including one hour of flight
Parcours vol Aerocom
Take-off from Chaumont-sur-Loire, Blois, Amboise, Chenonceau or Cheverny at dawn or dusk hours, when lights are most spectacular.

Let the magic of ballooning operate and enjoy your ride.

Once landing, share a toast of balloonist with your pilot and his crew and celebrate your ascent certificate.

Casual attire is recommended. No hig-heeled shoes.

Aérocom Montgolfière responds to the request of the handicap by its hot air balloon activity.

We have a basket specially designed to accommodate passengers with reduced mobility (PRM). It allows easy entry and exit through an adapted door. This carrycot also features a height-adjustable seat to make the most of the view.

Accompanied by 1 or 2 standing passengers, let the magic of ballooning operate and discover the Loire Valley from a different perspective