How does it work ?

Under the same principle since 200 years : hot air is lighter than cold air. A burner fed with propane heats the air contained in the envelope. About 600 m3 of hot air is needed to lift someone up.

Can you fly high ?

The hot air balloon is the only aircraft that can fly very low with the advantage of being able to speak to people on the ground. But it is possible to go up more than 1000 meters if the wind is lacking or to admire the landscape. Each flight is unique.

Can you steer the balloon ?

As one of our best French humorists said, it depends. More seriously, we can use the different currents according to the altitude and make the direction change, but it is not possible all the time.

How long does it last ?

The flight lasts about one hour. But all the activity will take three hours ; during that time, you will attend the inflating of the balloon followed by the flight. After the landing, the pilote will give you a certificate and a flute glass of Pétillant de Loire. Then you will be brought back in a 4x4 vehicule as in a real safari.

What do you have to wear ?

You don'"t have to wear warmer clothes than you would if you had to go for a walk in the countryside. On the other hand, it is important to have good shoes. Avoid high heels and sandals. The quality of the landing grounds is not always the one of a golf course !

What is the itinerary ?

Our take-off sites have been elected for their interest. The main ones are the castles of Chaumont-sur-Loire, Amboise and Blois. Then the balloon pushed by the wind bring us where it wants following a line more or less right. Each flight over the Loire valley offers us a real adventure. The balloon comes back to its started point by the air only very exceptionnally.

I suffer from vertigo, this is not for me.

You're wrong ; you suffer from vertigo when you are on a ladder because it is in contact with the ground. In a balloon like in a plane you don't suffer vertigo. The balloon is not affected by vibrations, it is the cameramen favourite aircraft because of its stability.

Are there age or physical condition restrictions .

You can fly from 6 years old and as long you can stand for one hour. The weak altitudes of the flights are not dangerous for heart cases. However, in case of doubt, it would be a good idea to ask for your doctor's advice. Pregnant women can't embark.

If the weather is good, is it certain that you can fly ?

The wind is a very important element. If it is too strong (only the pilot can estimate the meteorological conditions), it is not sensible to carry passengers.

Why do you have to fly at dawn or at dusk ?

You can fly in a balloon when the temperatures are not too hot in order to avoid the winds linked to the heat and the better time is at dawn or at dusk. And this is the moment when the lights are the most beautiful.

How many passengers are there in a balloon ?

Our fleet is composed of 4 balloons of 2, 5, 8 and 14 places. We choose the balloon according to the number of and flight conditions. The passengers are brought back to the starting point in 4x4 vehicules (no bus).

What happens if my flight is cancelled ?

In a simple reservation, if the flight is cancelled because of bad weather conditions (risks of rain or storm, strong wind), we defer the flight according to the availabilities of each other. If you can't defer it, your down payment is returned without any charge. In the case of a gift, it is not refundable transmissible if you want someone to enjoy it.

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