1/ Terms of sale
The passengers declare to know and accept the general terms of sell. The booking holds acceptation of these conditions.

2/ Prices
Our prices are valid from 2007/01/01 and can be changed at any time without any notice. Accommodation, catering or travel to
The meeting place are not included. We propose two formulas :

             A/ Simple reservations
After having booked by phone, the customer has to confirm by mail with a down payment of 75 € per passenger. The rest is to
Be paid on the day of the flight. If the flight is cancelled and the customer does not want to defer it, the down payment is
Returned without any charge.

             B/ A ticket gift
You can buy a flight ticket which is valid for 2 seasons (a season begins from April 15th and ends on October 15th). The
payment Is due at the booking. If the customer pays with a cheque, it will be cashed after the flight or at the term of a year. The
customer Phones Aerocom to choose the date of his flight (according to the availabilities). The ticket gift is not refundable but
transmissible To other people during its valid period. We can extend a ticket for one year maximum with a charge of 25 € per

Flying conditions
The passengers accept the specific restraints linked to the organisation of a hot hair balloon flight. Pregnant women and less
than 6-year-old children are not authorized to take place in our balloons.

Flight confirmation
The passengers absolutely have to phone us the day before between 6 pm to 7 pm for a flight of the day after, or on the same
day Between 12.30 and 1.30 pm for a flight of the evening. If the flight cannot take place, it is deferred to another day according
to the Customer’s choice and our availabilities.

Cancellation on Aerocom initiative
Aerocom reserves the right to cancel a flight because of bad weather conditions, security conditions or if there is not enough
Passengers (only the pilot can appreciate the opportunity of a flight). This cancellation can take place on the take-off site ; in that
Case, Aerocom is not recognized as responsible of the involved expenses to go to the meeting place (accommodation, catering
and Travelling).

Modifications of the services
For any security reason or flight interest, Aerocom can change the take-off site or the balloon.

Reservation cancellation or customer’s non-presentation
The payment of the balance of the price must be made the day of the flight at the latest. In case the passenger didn’t phone to
Confirm or is absent (except deferment or cancellation 75 hours before the flight) on the day and at the time of the
Appointment, confirm by Aerocom, the cancellation de facto will be noted and Aerocom will cash the down payment put down
while booking. If it is a voucher gift, it will be considered as consumed.

Rules on board
Any passenger has to appear on the boarding list. Aerocom pilots are sole masters on board and as such they have authority on
the passengers. At any time they can land any person among the passengers or any load that could endanger the flight. At any
time, they can break the flight for security reasons. Nothing will be repaid if the flight lasted a minimum of 30 minutes.

The passengers are insured according to the air conditions in force (Montreal convention). Aerocom’s responsability towards the
passengers in case of death or body damages is limited to a maximum of 114000 euros per passengers. Aerocom’s
Responsability cannot be engaged concerning luggage or personal things.

Competence attributions
In case of contention the competent court is the one of Blois.

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